Online-Dating Across Boundaries: Can Love Bring Countries Together?

We have all heard it before “long distance relationships never last.” Why is that? Why do people not even want to give it a chance or be happy for your new found relationship? Why do people automatically resort to “it won’t work out” when you mention your new happy long distance relationship? The answer is simple: lack of trust. You can say it’s because you don’t get to see one another often or because the time difference is too much or even the biggest lie ‘no sex.’ These are all ridiculous reasons, hiding the real reason behind why people can’t handle long distance relationships, says Dating Advisor UK.

With today’s technology, you can see one another via skype, get off together with sex toys like the Kiiroo, and stay in touch all day through text messages or facebook. Not seeing one another physically as often as you’d like just makes it all that much more special when you do get to see one another.

Then there is the time difference. Of course this can be a legitimate problem, but it’s one that even couples who live together face! You can work 1st shift and your live-in partner work 3rd and you never see one another. It’s if you want to make time for one another. Set aside an hour or two to spend on facebook together or arrange a weekly skype dinner/movie date. This ‘issue’ really just comes down to wanting to make time for one another.

Whether it is just a hookup or a serious relationship: Lack of sex? Really? I have found so many sex toys for long distance couples. Toys that one can control while the other uses. Toys that replicate the other’s motions and pressure. I understand that there isn’t as much intimacy in this, but if you truly love and care for the person, you can make this work!

Long distance relationships fail because people do not trust one another. More likely they are looking for a fuck buddy. You do not trust that your partner really is just going out with some friends for a drink, you don’t trust that they can abstain from sex, you can’t trust yourself. Getting over this trust issue will take a lot of talking, but if you love the person, you can love across state lines, oceans, even all the way around the world. Love knows no boundaries.