Dos and donts while planning for a first date in Czech Republic


Research has it that 35% of the current couples met online and it is the prime goal and aim of every online dating user to meet physically with the partner they have been flirting with. But, you are meeting with a total stranger and there are things that you should do and those you shouldn’t do while planning for the first date with someone you interacted in a dating app to find love in Czech Republic (Hledání lásky v České republice).

Initial stages dos and donts

You need to time to get to know each other. You can’t just plan a date after communicating for just a day; it requires more time to spice things up. Firstly, engage in flirting conversations, get to know what the other person likes and don’t like. By so doing when it comes to the time to plan a real date you shall be so much into each other and shall feel connected. And, nothing spices up a first date more than if you two feel connected. Don’t go asking for a date within the first day. That’s a No! No!

Arrangement dos and donts

Both of you should participate in the arrangement of the date. By this I mean, the ideas of the place and time should not come from one side but should be an agreement on what is convenient for both of you. If you feel you want to meet in a public place and at least ensure you get comfortable with your date before taking things ahead, say it. Don’t settle for something you feel uncomfortable about. You can also agree on a certain dress code for easy recognition.

Avail yourself

Don’t plan a date and only change it in the last minutes. This will disappoint your partner a lot and they shall lose interest in the whole relationship that you two were building. Before making arrangement on a day you should have your first date, ensure you pick a day that will be convenient and nothing will crop up and make you cancel the date.


Many fakes in an online dating platform aim at extracting money from you. You might be flirting with someone who claims to be who they are not and when planning a date they seize the opportunity to ask you for money. Don’t send any money, if she is genuine and on an online dating site, she seriously needs a partner too and she won’t ask any money so that she can meet up with you. If you are asked for an unreasonable amount of money chances are the person is a fake.


Just as in social life, in online dating, and also dating with Tinder Ceske, first dates are also very essential and crucial to both the partners, it is thus important to ensure everything runs smooth. The above steps will guide you on this.