Do’s and Don’t’s of Online Dating

Online dating comes with its own set of risks and rules, apart from traditional dating. When dating online you have to create an interesting profile, keep conversations stimulating, and know how to navigate without cues from the other person’s body language.


  • Know what you’re looking for
    • It’s important to know what you want. If you go online and just join any old website, you may wind up on a casual encounters website while looking for a relationship. If this happens, you won’t find what you’re looking for! Before you sign up for any accounts, be sure to define what you want. There are apps and websites for casual sex, friends with benefits, dating, serious relationships, affairs, and so much more!
  • Know where to look
    • This goes hand in hand with my last tip. You have to know what you’re looking for in order to know where to look. Don’t look for casual sex on a website aimed at people looking for relationships!
  • Interesting profile
    • At the very least, list what you’re looking for on your profile and a couple of facts about yourself. On my dating profile I provide a handful of facts about myself and give the reader a topic to contact me with. I adore puns, so on my profile, I point out that the reader can send me one and I’ll definitely reply! If you don’t give readers something to reply or relate to on your profile, you’re not likely to get any messages.
  • Stimulating conversation
    • This seems to be the biggest issue with online dating! While starting casual salutation like hi or hello are common, you need to be able to keep the conversation going after exchanging greetings! Ask questions and always try to reply with at least 2 sentences. If they don’t give you much to reply to, move on. Unless you’re looking for casual sex, in which case, no talking could be a great thing.
  • When to ask for alternative communication/ask out
    • This is the trickiest part of online dating. Without cues from body language to go off of, you don’t know when the person you are conversing with is comfortable enough with you to ask for their number or for a date. Usually people get uncomfortable if you do this immediately, but may lose interest if you wait too long. Try to aim for doing this on day 2 or 3 of chatting, if you feel comfortable with the person.


  • Blank profile
    • If you don’t give people something to start a conversation with, it will be difficult for them to message you. Again, just try to put something on your profile. Even if it’s just your favorite color or a joke. Leaving your profile blank will look lazy and boring. I met a guy who’s profile just said ‘Talented.’ This made for a great conversation starter!
  • Group pictures
    • If your main or all of your pictures are of you in a group, people will get irritated with trying to figure out if you’re the cute on or not. The only time this is okay is if the group you are in are all cute dogs. Just don’t.
  • Be pushy
    • If someone says they don’t want to give you their number, go out on a date, or talk about a certain topic, don’t push! This is irritating and many people take it as a red flag. Being pushy will get you ghosted faster than anything!
  • Unsolicited inappropriate pictures
    • I can’t believe I still have to advise against this! Unless specifically asked for, do not send nudes. It can be disorienting, inappropriate timing, or just a big turn off. This tactic never works. Don’t do it.

Congratulations! Now you can successfully navigate the online dating world. By following these simple tips and just being you, you’ll have an inbox full of messages in no time!